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The help in balancing the rising energy use and grid development

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The SMART CapacitSystem is a SMART information technology system that aims to help customers and suppliers to balance the energy consumption and production.
Our goal is to empower everyone to be part of the energy transition towards a greener world.

How we want to achieve it?

by promoting a conscious energy use

by establishing collaboration for a balanced energy consumption and production

by rewarding green energy usage

Our system has 4 elements

  1. The power plants
  2. The Distribution System Operator which manages and controls the System
  3. The integrated SMART devices
  4. And the enduser

… and it works in 3 simple steps

  1. Customer selects the utility he wants to charge, presets the time he wants the device charged and hands over the control to the system
  2. DSO decides for the optimal charging moment and gives the order to charge the device
  3. When charging is ready the system send a notification to the customer and gives him feedback about the saved money

All the Whys and Hows in 3 minutes