The problem we solve

The problem we solve

The number of electric cars is rising. This should be good news but more electric cars means more energy and more energy means more consumption in peak period.

The bad news is that this peak period is too big and this is already causing problems in The Netherlands. In Amsterdam the government is closing the public charging stations during the peak period, because the system cannot cope with the demand.

The solution we found for this problem is to replenish the energy from the peak period, to balance the daily consumption programing the charge of the electric cars to the ideal period and this way we can minimize variations and decrease both the production regulation and the endusers costs.

The SMART CapacitSystem beyond electric cars can integrate all kind of SMART solutions and devices giving more possibilities to save money.

Why is that good for DSO’s?

The System helps saving energy and saving money

The System helps collecting useful data that for the grid development

Reactive customer relationship based on feedback and co-creation

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